I. Introductory provisions

These Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the “Conditions”) apply to the purchase of goods at Jersey53.no (seller of ELSA’S TEXTILE s.r.o, registered office: U Stadionu 1139/14, Rousínov 683 01, identification number (IČO): 02323095, registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Regional Court Brno, Section C, Insert 46424 (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”).


II. Order and conclusion of the contract

Orders of goods, which are listed on www.jersey53.no and which the customer can order according to their own ideas and individual requirements, are made by the company through the order form. The customer may contact the company for a non-binding inquiry regarding the goods also by e-mail or by telephone. However, a binding order will always be placed on the order form.

The customer must fully and completely describe his / her requirements in the order form, including the number of orders, sizes, etc. The graphic design of the product is an integral part of the order form. The customer first enters the preliminary data on the cut, the type of collar, the material, etc. The company then produces the graphic design of the product according to the given data, possibly in several variants. This proposal will then be sent to the customer for approval. In case the customer does not agree with a single proposal, the original design of the company is subject to further modifications according to the customer’s requirements. The company recommends that the customer always follow the instructions given in the ordering and delivery section.

The company reserves the right to place its logo on each piece of the product. It is possible to arrange otherwise for a predetermined fee.

The Company is not responsible for the logos supplied by the customer, for the use and location of the log, and their rights must be exclusively solved by the customer.

The final version of the graphical form of the product is the one that the customer last authorizes (approves) in the order form. With this confirmation, the order is considered binding. All other changes by the customer are subject to the Company’s approval. If the customer insists on making changes, and the production of the order has already begun, the customer is responsible for the costs incurred by the start of the company’s production. These costs and their amount will be notified by the customer of the company and will be reflected in the final statement.

A binding order is considered for the purposes of the terms and conditions as a proposal for the conclusion of a contract (on a case-by-case basis, a contract of purchase or a contract for a work) regarding the goods included in the order, including its graphic form. The contract for the production and delivery of the goods stated in the order is concluded between the company and the customer at the moment of confirmation of the order by the company to the customer, in agreement with the proposal for the conclusion of the contract.

III. Delivery (receipt) of goods
BY TRAVEL SERVICE (Freight costs are added to the final invoice)
BY TRAVEL SERVICE (Freight costs are added to the final invoice)
IV. Payment Terms
BY BANK TRANSFER INVOICE (e-mail or online invoice). We charge the products with the order within 14 days of payment.

Prices of transport – according to the current price list of shipping companies.

BY BANK TRANSFER INVOICE (e-mail or online invoice). We charge the products with the order within 14 days of payment.

Prices of transport – according to the current price list of shipping companies.

V. Delivery terms

    1. The goods are delivered within 5-7 weeks unless agreed otherwise.
    2. The Company reserves the right to extend the delivery period in special cases due to force majeure or in cases where it has not been possible for objective reasons to make delivery within the foreseeable time. In this case, the customer will be notified.
    3. The Company reserves the right to refuse to order a non-standard or speculative composition or volume.
    4. In the event that the company fails to deliver the goods to the place specified by the customer in the order or if the customer does not take delivery of the goods at this place, the customer is obliged to pay the company all costs incurred by the company in connection with the delivery of the goods to the place designated by the customer order and back to the company were created.
    5. Proprietary rights to goods and the risk of damage to goods are transferred to the customer at the time of their receipt from the company or carrier.

VI. Warranty, defects in goods, claims, statutory time for a return of goods

1. The customer is obliged to take the ordered goods from the carrier (in the case of personal collection directly from the company), to check the integrity of the packages, the number of packages/packages and the receipt of the goods to be confirmed by the carrier. Any defects or defects of the goods shall promptly notify the Company to:
Vålerveien 49
1597 Moss
or e-mail: post@j53.no

2. The customer has the right to exchange goods if the goods do not have the characteristics of the usually ordered goods. The warranty for goods and any claims for defective goods are governed by applicable laws.
3. In order to acknowledge the claim, it is necessary to provide proof of the product complained of and proof of purchase of the goods. Sensitive defects of goods may only be recognized as obvious defects of goods that the customer will apply to the company within three days of receipt of the goods if the goods are presented to the company. For the purposes of these terms, any other defects are considered to be defects in the goods until delivery and receipt of the goods. For these defects, the company is not responsible to the customer. For defects and guarantees, relations between the customer and the company are governed, unless otherwise indicated, by the relevant provisions of the Civil Code and/or the Commercial Code.
4. After delivery, the Company is not liable for damages caused by inappropriate storage or handling of the goods by the customer. Inappropriate handling is also considered to be normal handling of a product that does not conform to the company’s instructions regarding product handling and maintenance.

How to claim goods:

1. The complaint must be relied on within the prescribed period.
2. Complaints must comply with all necessary requirements (description of the defect, a copy of the invoice and other necessary documents) Return the goods with the recommended package back to the address of the company’s registered office. Do not send the goods with cash on delivery.
3. If this is an irreparable fault, the company will make an order for it again. Upon agreement with the customer, it is also possible to return the contract price in cash.
4. Claims will usually be settled within the shortest possible time after the return of the goods to the registered address of the company, within 30 days at the latest.
5. Claims cannot be accepted in the case of normal wear and tear caused by the use of the goods.

VII. Final Provisions

The Company is authorized to modify and change the terms at its sole discretion. The Company reserves the right to print mistakes and price changes in the event of a change in exchange rates, a significant increase in inflation, or a significant change in supply conditions for manufacturers and other suppliers of goods. The terms of the contract are determined by the company published on www.jersey53.no on the day the order is made by the customer.

By making the order, the customer accepts without reservation all the terms and conditions of the Business Terms and Conditions as in force on the day of placing the order.

By visiting the website www.jersey53.no and sending the order, no fees are charged to the customer from the company.

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